Personalized Accounts (Virtual Accounts)


Virtual accounts are generated bank account details (account number and account name) that allow Gladefinance merchants to receive payments from customers via bank transfer. Virtual accounts are currently only available in the following currencies NGN, ( GBP and USD coming soon).

Virtual accounts created on Gladefinance do not have a prefix any prefix or suffix, thereby giving you the ability to fully customize your virtual accounts.

How it works

You can issue a virtual account number for each customer to use in funding their wallet (account).
The following process shows how virtual accounts works.

  • You generate a virtual account for the customer with our API and provide them with the details
  • The customer makes a bank transfer to their assigned account
  • We send you a webhook notifying you that we've received the payment (See webhook section)
  • You credit the needed funds to the customer's wallet on your platform.

Transfers made to virtual accounts will reflect in the Transactions history and the Payment Inflow pages on Gladefinance.



Transfers made to the Gladefinance account goes directly to your main Gladefinance wallet


Though we are working on supporting more currencies, We currently support just the following currencies.

CurrencyCurrency CodeStatus
DollarsUSDcoming soon
British PoundsGBPcoming soon
EuroEURcoming soon

Creating a Virtual Account

To create a virtual account you'll need to make a PUT request to this endpoint

The following parameters are required for creating a virtual account.

  • request : this should always be personalized-accounts
  • name: the name of the account, (e.g John Doe)
  • reference : any reference of your choice (this reference would be used to track transactions and it is being sent in the webhook)
  • email : email tied to the account
  • bvn : the BVN tied to associate the account with. This BVN should be accurate

The Request

	"request": "personalized-accounts",
	"name": "John Doe",
	"reference": "162329305158",
	"email": "ad[email protected]",
  "bvn": "22212345673"

The Response

    "status": "success",
    "accountNumber": "1234567890",
    "accountName": "John Doe",
    "bankName": "TEST BANK",
    "bankCode": "035",
    "reference": "URF_1645024720417_2567235"