Virtual Cards


A Gladefinance virtual card is a digital card that exists on Gladefinance. This is a prepaid card that can be used for online payments. They have the same use as a physical bank cards. On Gladefinance, you can create virtual cards in seconds. For now Gladefinance provides two types of virtual cards, dollar cards (USD) and naira cards (NGN).

Here is a sample dollar card MasterCard from Gladefinance

Uses of Virtual Cards

Many users find virtual cards useful in many ways. Below are some of their uses.

  • Spend in real exchange rate, you do not have to worry about currency rates and you can create a virtual card in the supported currency
  • Security: Your virtual card has different details to your physical card, and can be frozen after each purchase. You can unfreeze your virtual card whenever you want to use it.
  • Manage expenses: You can provision virtual cards for every expenses that you make. On Gladefinance you can view transactions made on each virtual card



You can integrate virtual cards in your wallet system. Where each of your users gets a virtual card which can be used for external purchases. Your users can manage their cards.

How It Works

Virtual cards can be created from the API and also from the your Gladefinance dashboard. Currently, Gladefinance offers either a VISA or MasterCard for each virtual card.

The security for each type virtual card is similar to the physical security. For example, many MasterCards by default follow a two step validation process which are PIN and OTP. This same authentication method applies to virtual MasterCards.

Creating a Virtual Card

To create a virtual account you'll need to make a PUT request to this endpoint

The Request

    "action": "create",
    "billing": {
        "address": "2 Crown Court Estate",
        "name": "Ade Musa Eze",
        "city": "Victoria Island",
        "state": "Lagos",
        "postal_code": "101241"
    "amount": "2000",
    "currency": "NGN",
    "country": "NG"

The Response

    "status": 200,
    "message": "Created Successfully",
    "card_data": {
        "reference": "Glade|GVC|12345678|1234ce56789012345",
        "balance": "2,000.00",
        "currency": "NGN",
        "cardpan": "53123456789012345",
        "maskedpan": "531234*******2345",
        "city": "Victoria Island",
        "state": "Lagos",
        "address": "2, Crown Court Estate",
        "postal_code": "101241",
        "cvv": "381",
        "expiration": "2025-02",
        "card_type": "mastercard",
        "name_on_card": "Ade Musa Eze",
        "card_owner": "customer",
        "status": "active"

Other Card Actions

After creating a card other actions that you can carry out on the card are:


Terminating a card

When a card is terminated the balance in the card is returned to your Gladefinance wallet. For dollar virtual cards the naira equivalence is returned to your Gladefinance wallet